DST Vendor QAPs

Dimic Steel Tech Vendor Quality Flow Down Clause

To ensure that DST always meets our customer expectations and requirements we put quality first. Our quality first model means that we must pass along expectations and requirements to all of our providers for both material and services. If you are a provider for DST, please make your organization aware of the quality requirements expressed below to ensure, at minimum, they are being applied to all DST products and services.

Provider Categories and Required DST QMS Clauses

  • Material Providers: Q2, QS, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q1 0, Q11, Q12, Q16, Q17, Q23, Q26, Q28, Q31, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39, Q40
  • Hardware Providers: Q1, QS, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q10, Q11, Q14, Q17, Q23, Q26, Q28, Q31, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39, Q40
  • Heat Treating providers: Q2, QS, Q6, Q7, Q1 0, Q11, Q13, Q14, Q23, Q26, Q28, Q30, Q31, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39, Q40
  • Plating providers: Q2, QS, Q6, Q7, Q8, 10, Q11, Q13, Q14, Q17, Q23, Q26, Q28, Q30, Q31, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39
  • NDT inspection: Q2, QS, Q6, Q7, Q1 0, Q11, Q13, Q14, Q23, Q26, Q28, Q30, Q31, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39
  • Special Process Providers: Q2, QS, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q1 0, Q11, Q13, Q14, Q17, Q23, Q26, Q28, Q30, Q31, Q35,Q36,Q37,Q38,Q39,Q40
  • Machining Providers: Q1, QS, Q6, Q7, Q1 0, Q11, Q13, Q14, Q17, Q23, Q26, Q28, Q30, Q31, Q35, Q36,Q37,Q38,Q39,Q40
  • Welding/Fabrication Providers: Q1, QS, Q6, Q7, Q1 0, Q11,
  • Distributors: Q1, QS, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q10, Q15, Q17, Q23, Q26, Q31, Q35, Q36, Q37, Q38, Q39

Directory of Quality Requirement Codes


The seller shall work to and maintain a written Quality system that complies with MIL-l- 45208 or other QMS system appropriate to the product and acceptable to DST.


The seller shall work to and maintain a written Quality system that complies with ISO9001,

AS9100 or other QMS appropriate to the product and acceptable to DST.


The seller shall work to and maintain a written Quality system that is CERTIFIED by a 3rd party to

ISO9001, AS9100 or other QMS appropriate to the product and acceptable to DST.

Q4 NADCAP certification or Customer approval required

Supplier shall be approved by customer or NADCAP certified to perform work on this PO.

Q5 Questions or clarifications

Supplier shall notify DST immediately if there are any questions regarding PO, Drawing, Specifications or any other issue, prior to beginning work.

Q6 Change requests from supplier

The seller shall not make changes to any materials, process, design, fabrication methods, or processes without buyers approval. When a proprietary item is procured by the Buyer, the Seller shall notify the Buyer of changes.

Q7 Changes by Buyer

The seller shall immediately review changes delivered by DST buyer and acknowledge acceptance of change or notify DST of any issues that the seller may have regarding the change.

Q8 Age controlled and limited life products

The seller’s certifications/records for age control/life limited products shall reflect the useful life and when the useful life is expended of each limited life item.

Q9 Approved Special Processor required

All special processing must be performed by a customer approve source. Approval of processor must be verified in writing prior to performing work. Examples of special processor: Heat treating, plating, NDT testing, etc.

Q10 Awareness, Conduct & Ethics

Supplier shall ensure their employees are aware of the following: 1.their contribution to our product conformity; 2.their contribution to our product safety; 3.the importance of good conduct and ethical behavior.

Q11 Buyer Quality assurance access and activity at Supplier

The Buyer and/or its customers reserve the right to review work progress, records, perform inspections and test on all articles, materials or services at anytime and locations. The Buyer and our customers shall have “right of entry” to supplier’s and sub-tier’s facilities at any time determined by buyer, to facilitate meetings and verifications.

Q12 Buyer source inspection required

Source inspection required prior to shipment. Supplier shall provide no less than 48 hours notification to DST Quality, of requested source inspection. Supplier shall provide necessary facilities and equipment, data and perform inspections perDST representative. Source inspection does not absolve responsibility of supplier to provide acceptable parts or services.

Q13 Calibration of measuring & test equipment

The supplier and supplier subcontractors shall meet and maintain a Calibration System in compliance with Calibration System Requirements of IS017025 or ANSI Z540-1 and be traceable to NIST.

Q14 Certificate of Conformance (C of C) statement, General, Manufacturing, Processing, Testing, Hardware.

Each shipment must be accompanied by a signed, legible and reproducible copy of a statement of conformance to DST’s requirements. This statement shall specify that all contractual requirements have been adhered to including all specifications and other applicable documents as cited in the purchase agreement and that evidence is on file for review by a quality representative. The

statement of conformance must contain at minimum: the part number, purchase order number, quantity, revision as specified on the purchase order, name and address of the company certifying the part and serial numbers if applicable. The certificate must list all applicable specifications with revision used produce or process items.

Q15 Certificate of Conformance, (C of C), Distributor

Supplier shall certify that articles delivered conform to DST and customer requirements noted on DST PO. Certification shall list part number or material number shown on DST PO, be signed and dated.

Q16 Certification of Conformance, Material Supplier.

Each shipment must be accompanied by a signed, legible and reproducible copy of a Certification of Conformance (CofC), stating that materials supplied meet all DST requirements and all applicable specifications. The certificate must list all applicable specifications, with revision used to produce or process items. Each shipment must have a legible and reproducible copy of chemical and physical test reports. Supplier shall list heat lot/ batch number on all certification documents.

Q17 Counterfeit parts & materials

Supplier shall have a counterfeit parts avoidance, detection, mitigation, and disposition program . Seller shall only deliver authentic components, devices, pieces, material, modules, assemblies, subassemblies, goods, etc. that are manufactured by or obtained from original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original component manufacturers (OCMs), or authorized distributors. Seller shall make available documentation that authenticates and provides traceability of the Parts to the applicable OEM or designated provider.

Q18 Customer and/or Government furnished materials

When there is customer or governments supplied materials, the supplier shall maintain a system that includes: Inspection for damage, completeness and type. Periodic inspection for handling damage and deterioration during processing or storage. Non-conforming or damaged property shall be reported to DST promptly.

Q19 Customer approved sources/supplier only

DST Customer requires that only suppliers approved by the customer is approved to perform work on this order. Please verify with DST that you and any sub-tier suppliers are approved by the customer. Work provided by unapproved sources will be cause for rejection.

Q20 DFARS, Domestic materials

Supplier must certify that all products supplied against this purchase order fully comply with DFARS sections of 252.225, Domestic & Specialty Metals controls.

Q21 DFARS, Domestic materials ONLY

Supplier must certify that all products supplied against the purchase order fully complies with the Domestic & Specialty Metals only requirements.

Q22 DPAS Priority rating

The work associated with this PO is a government priority rated order for national defense use, the supplier shall follow all the requirements of DPAS regulation 15CFR 700. Contact DST if information is needed.

Q23 Electronic Data Submission

Supplier shall electronically transmit [E-mail] all material, part and processing certification documentation to DST; i.e.- supplier certification of conformance, all required certs, test reports, First article inspection reports, Final inspection reports, etc. the day of shipping or sooner. Scanned legible copies are acceptable.

Q24 Export control; ITAR Flowdown

This order falls under the regulations of ITAR (International Traffic and Arms Regulations) or has export control requirements, due to defense related issues, or related technical data, supplier is required adhere to ITAR and export controls rules, regulations and laws. All license requirements imposed by ITAR are the sole responsibility of the subcontractor in possession of the purchase order. Request information from DST If needed.

Q25 First article required

Seller shall perform a complete AS9102 first article inspection of all parts on this PO and provide DST with results.

Q26 Flow down of Requirements

Supplier shall flow all applicable DST and customer requirements

and clauses down to their subĀ­ tier suppliers, and work the sub-tier supplier to assure all requirements are met. Supplier and their sub- tier suppliers shall comply with all local, state, federal safety and environmental regulations.

Q27 Government Source inspection

Government source inspection is required prior to shipment. Upon receipt of this DST PO promptly notify your local DCMA representative so that appropriate planning can be accomplished. If you are not sure who to notify contact DST to get directions.

Q28 Heat lot traceability

If any material or parts on this order contain more than one heat lot/ batch of a material, the supplier shall mark each piece with it’s respective heat lot or batch number to allow for traceability. The supplier shall note the material heat lots or batches on all Certifications and other documentation.

Q29 Identification and Data retrieval

When traceability is required the supplier shall apply required markings on materials and parts per drawing and specification requirements, including serialization as required. Notify DST if not sure about identification requirements.

Q30 Inspection and Test characteristics

Seller shall 100% inspect and/or test all characteristics defined by the purchase order, drawings, specifications and record results, pertinent to the work that the seller or sub-tier is responsible for performing, and provide clear and legible copies to DST.

Q31 Management and structure changes

Supplier shall notify DST of any changes in company ownership, management, location, product and/or process, upon receipt of DST purchase order.

Q32 Material Original Mill certificate

Each shipment must have a legible and reproducible copy of original mill certification.

Q33 Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Please supply copy of MSDS sheet related to materials ordered and for any hazardous materials used in the completion of this order. This requirement must be passed on to any sub-tier suppliers.

Q34 Mercury free certification

The materials and/or parts on this order must not be contaminated by mercury or mercury compounds and supplier must provide a certification stating that materials and parts were not contaminated by Mercury.

Q35 MRB Authority

Material Review Board Authority is not authorized on this purchase order.

Q36 No Un-approved processing of Materials or Parts

No unapproved processes allowed on this order. Supplier must obtain approval from DST Quality prior to any processing that is not noted on DST PO, such as but not limited to, Heat Treating, Anodizing, Welding.

Q37 Non-Conforming materials or parts

Seller shall not ship any non-conforming parts or materials to DST without prior DST quality approval. Seller is to submit (email or other written form) all non-conformances or other issues to DST Buyer and Quality for review and approval prior to shipping.

Q38 Protection and safety I Packaging for shipment.

Unless otherwise specified by the drawing or part specifications, all items require at a minimum, general best practices for protection from physical, handling and environmental damage or deterioration during processing and shipping. All associated employees shall be aware of all requirements involved in processing these parts, including critical requirements, drawing dimensions, workmanship and contamination.

Q39 Records retention

The Seller shall maintain inspection and test records to serve as evidence of conformance with specified requirements. Such records shall be legible and traceable to the product involved. These records shall be maintained for a minimum often (10) years after final payment or as specified elsewhere in the purchase order.

Q40 Welding Procedures

No welding on materials or parts unless defined by DST PO or allowed by DST Buyer or Quality. Weld procedures and welder qualification shall be submitted and approved by DST prior to performing work on this PO.